CDM in Practice

Course Overview

This course will provide essential information for new duty holders and update existing duty holders and others to ensure they understand the new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015. The course will introduce these people to the new regulations and help them to interpret and apply the key elements.

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at persons undertaking the Key Duty Holder Roles under CDM 2015 particularly that of Principal Designer. It is designed to give delegates an understanding of the legal framework as it relates to construction activities and how they can apply that understanding in a practical way. It is also suitable for any person whose functional or management role requires them to undertake responsibility for any construction activities (including maintenance) within their organisation.

Learning Outcomes

The course will cover the following key points (subject to change: regulations and guidance currently in ‘draft’):  

Summary of Changes
•    Application
•    Interpretation
•    Definitions
•    Competence

•    Why do they happen
•    Where does the responsibility lie

Summary of Key Roles and Duties
•    Client (including Domestic Client)
•    Principal Designer
•    Designer
•    Principal Contractor
•    Contractor
•    Worker

Client Role in Depth
•    Commercial/Domestic Client Interpretation
•    Pre-Construction Information
•    Notification
•    Health and Safety File

Principal Designers Role in Depth
•    Pre-Construction Phase Management
•    Co-ordination
•    Hazard/Risk Identification
•    Residual Risk Registers

Health and Safety File

Principal Contractor Role in Depth
•    Prior to construction
•    During Construction
•    Part iv Requirements
•    Health and Safety File

CDM 2015 Part 4 and its application to all

Practical Exercises


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