Meet the Trainers - Gerald Black (VIDEO)

Welcome to the third of our 'Meet the Trainers' videos, this time we showcase Senior Trainer and Technical Lead Gerald Black.

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Meet the Trainer: Gerald Black transcript

Gerald Black: “Good morning, I’m Gerald Black. The Construction Technical Lead for Santia Consulting and also one of the Senior trainers. I recently moved into the Technical Lead role where I lead Governance for the company but have been a trainer for close to twenty years within the company. I got involved in training many many years ago when I got involved in Youth Work, and so was helping people training in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and then moved on to become responsible for students in Civil Engineering with the government, did a lot of training with them. Then moved onto work with the National Institute of Civil Engineers, and so when the opportunity came to get a job I moved into training. Quite an interesting topic Training in as much that people think Training is sitting down in a room listening. It’s not. It’s about feedback and get answers and questions from people. It’s about responding to it. It’s not about taking everything the trainers says to be Gospel. It’s about querying it. It’s quite a privilege because you’re imparting your knowledge and the knowledge you’ve gained from your peers and people who taught you and passing that on to people just coming into the industry, people who want to gain extra qualifications. It something I’ve enjoyed I’ve been doing it for so many years that - to a certain extent – it’s second nature. Training is quite a fascinating topic as well, because you have to stay up to date, not just on the theory but on the practical. In the Technical Governance Job that allows me to go onto sites and do inspections to talk to the workers. They give you a great insight into how you can pass it on and how you can pass it on practically which is far more important on the Construction side. I primarily concentrate on Construction work. Looking at the IOSH courses on Construction, CDM courses, the NEBOSH General Construction certificate but also International work, but which raises more issues because of the different cultures, the language barrier. The different legislation and so we have to know international Labour organisations standards and how they work there. It’s given me a great opportunity to travel to work abroad, in Dubai, in Gibraltar, in Germany, the Netherlands and has expanded my knowledge.”