Video transcript

Peter Orton: “I’m Peter Orton and I’m an ex Fire service officer with 32 years’ experience in the Fire Organisation. I retired in 2011 and I’m now an independent fire consultant who works for Santia in both the risk management environment but also in the training environment teaching fire risk assessment and on the NEBOSH fire course. In terms of fire and risk assessment that’s more client facing operations where we go out to the client sites and asses and manage fire risk within their buildings from a training environment training both Santia consultants and also customers of consultants to go out and carry out fire risk assessments in their own placements of employment.

What I like about training especially in teach others who are going to do the consulting is to make sure that they are offering an excellence in service delivery. That they have the standard knowledge and experience when they walk out of the door after the training course to be able to deliver and produce a suitable fire risk assessment. In my mind with what we’re doing I’m giving them the experience and that knowledge to carry out that work.”