Meet the Trainers - Simon Jones (VIDEO)

Welcome to the second of our 'Meet the Trainers' videos. To see the first profile with Peter Orton click here.

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Transcript - Meet the Trainer - Simon Jones

I’m Simon Jones, I’m the Head of Training Practice and Santia Consulting. I’m responsible for making sure our face to face course materials and our eLearning course materials are all technically accurate and up to date and academically sound. The good thing about training is that you get to meet a lot of different people with different backgrounds, so it’s a good opportunity to share experiences. In my experience I learn as much training delegates as hopefully they learn from me. I think training is a privilege because you have the opportunity to influence the way people think and Health and Safety gets a bit of a bad reputation from time to time as being obstructive and being difficult for organisations to manage. It gives us the opportunity to bring people into the world of Health and Safety and show them and help them understand that Health and Safety is about doing things right and not stopping people from doing things at all. It’s a privilege because you get to an opportunity to influence people’s view of the world. I think it’s quite a responsible role as your views are shared with your delegates.